Review: The Buchanan Saga, Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery Buchanan saga bookreviewSusan Mallery is a bestselling author of novels about the relationships that define women’s lives, like the series Fool’s Gold, Buchanan and Mischief Bay. She had never thought about actually becoming a romance writer because she thought romance writers were exotic people who lived in France. Luckily for us a writing class on a local education center changed her live. From that point on, she has been a romance author and never wanted to be anything else. Susan Mallery lives in Seattle with her husband, two ragdoll cats and a tattletale toy poodle.

The Buchanan series tells the story of the four Buchanan siblings and is published in 2006 and 2007. Every sibling has his on book:

delicious Susan Mallery bookreviewDelicious is about Cal Buchanan (Book 1)
Cal Buchanan needs a top-flight chef to take over his Seattle waterfront restaurant. He can afford the best—the only problem is, the best happens to be his ex-wife, Penny Jackson. Before Penny knows it, the attraction between them moves from a lower simmer to a full boil!

Irresistible Susan Mallery bookreviewIrresistible is about Walker Buchanan (Book 2)
Marine vet Walker Buchanan tried to ignore his beautiful neighbor Elissa Walker and her adorable daughter, but he wasn’t raised to let a single mom change her own tire. Soon, Elissa’s sweet kisses make it impossible to see her as just a friend.

Sizzling Susan Mallery bookreviewSizzling is about Reid Buchanan (Book 3)
After a newspaper chides ballplayer Reid Buchanan for his playboy reputation, he vows to do better. So when his grandma is hurt, he hires the one nurse who seems immune to his charms. But even Lori Johnston’s cynical heart is no match for Reid’s sexy smile.

Tempting is about Dani Buchanan (Book 4)Tempting Susan Mallery bookreview
When Dani Buchanan goes looking for her biological father, she never expects to find a presidential candidate. As his long-lost “love child,” Dani could derail the election—something handsome campaign manager Alex Canfield won’t allow. The last thing either wants is to fall in love.

What I loved most about the Buchanan saga is that it wasn’t just all roses; the perfect love story where everyone is happy, loves each other and has a perfect beginning and ending. Don’t get me wrong, all four books are beautiful love story’s with hot romance. But Susan Mallery combined those story’s with real human interaction, with a lot of laughter, but also with bitterness and doubt and searching for your place in this world. I like it when a writer doesn’t create a perfect fairytale world, but reminds us that real love does exist and happen, even it the real world.

Delicious made me want to give the kitchen another chance, I’m a little bit jealous of Penny who can create every dish and puts all her love into her food. Irresistible gave me the feeling that if you put all your effort into something, you can make the most of every situation you are in. Just believe in yourself, believe in love and open your heart. Sizzling surprised me the most, I laughed so much, the real hard burst of laughter kind. Lori is such an honest person, who speaks from her heart. The end left me heartbroken behind, I couldn’t belief it. But that’s the strength of Susan Mallery’s writing style. She don’t give you a fairytale, but the real deal. And sometimes the world is a hard place to be, where your heart gets broken, where you fall apart in a million pieces. That is also the moment where you can find love, the love that warms you from the inside out. The love that is so strong that it can survive everything.

Finally there was Tempting, as the fourth and last book of the Buchanan saga. A totally different story again. I loved to learn more about the restaurants, it seems like I got a peek behind the scenes. This story is messy, there are different emotions that twirl everywhere. You have to keep reading till you are finished. And while you turn the last page of the book, you close your eyes and breath. I couldn’t believe that this was the final book, I just wanted to read more about the Buchanan family.

Susan Mallery took my hand and guided me into beautiful written story’s. What I love the most about discovering new writers is that they have written already so much more books. So I can breath again while reading the Fool’s Gold serie. Or the ones about the Mischief Bay. Or the Bakery sisters. Or… Yes, there is a whole new world again I can discover.


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