Review: Irresistible in Love, Bella Andre (Maverick Billionaires)

Irresistible in Love Bella Andre Maverick BillionairesYes! Irresistible in Love another Maverick Billionaires book arrived! I’m in love with those strong men, who overcame so much and yet are such a loving, confident and honest men. It is impossible to not fall in love with them!

Bella Andre is a graduate of Stanford University, economy and worked as a marketing director. Maybe you didn’t know, but she had a lot of success as a rockstar! After a few non-fiction books she started with her first novel and she published her second novel herself. From that moment on she dominates the Amazon bestseller lists! Bella also writes as Lucy Kevin.
Bella Andre is married and has two children. She likes reading, hiking, swimming and most of all laughing. Bella lives in Northern California and has vacation home in the Adirondacks.

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Irresistible in Love tells you the story of Evan and Paige. “Evan Collins is the man with the Midas touch. Having left his hard childhood behind him, the financial genius vowed to one day have everything. But when he discovers that his marriage is built on lies, the only people he can trust now are the Mavericks and the woman who has always been there for him: Paige, the sister of his soon-to-be ex-wife. Paige Ryan has always loved Evan Collins, a secret she’s hugged close to her heart for nine long years. But when her sister’s devastating betrayal is revealed, Paige can’t keep her feelings hidden any longer.
Evan is irresistibly drawn to her sweet, pure heart and the undeniable sparks flaring between them. Paige is the only one he trusts to help him face the darkness of his past head-on before it destroys him. But will their forbidden romance end up destroying them both?”

From the first moment I saw the interaction between Evan and Paige, I had the feeling that they belong together. Their friendship is always been so strong, their close bond sparkled off the pages.
I love that Bella Andre didn’t start their love in this book, but took us on the journey from the beginning. You read about the stealing glances when they thought nobody was looking. You could see the secret love in their actions and I wished every time that Evan would choose Paige instead of her sister. And finally in Irresistible in Love that happens.

Bella Andre is such a gifted writer, she knows that she didn’t have to explore the connection or the truth of their love for each other. Instead she chose to write about the hidden emotions and to deepen the characters.
Irresistible in Love shows you the strength of love and the meaning of being there for each other. The value of not leaving and sometimes believing in always for you both.

9 Stars9 / 10 I know for certain that you can’t help it to fall in love with the Maverick Billionaires like I did. And I’ve been totally amazed by the story of Evan. Irresistible in love you will give you unexpected events, extending family members, and a breathtaking love story that is about finding true love and the strength and courage to pursue.


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