Review: The Best Is Yet To Come, Bella Andre

the best is yet to come Bella Andre summer lake spin-off serie Sullivans The Best Is Yet To Come is the first book in a New York Sullivans spin-off serie called Summer Lake. It takes place in the Adirondacks, not for nothing the favorite holiday of Bella Andre herself!

Bella Andre is a graduate of Stanford University, economy and worked as a marketing director. Maybe you didn’t know, but she had a lot of success as a rockstar! After a few non-fiction books she started with her first novel and she published her second novel herself. From that moment on she dominates the Amazon bestseller lists! Bella also writes as Lucy Kevin.
Bella Andre is married and has two children. She likes reading, hiking, swimming and most of all laughing. Bella lives in Northern California and has vacation home in the Adirondacks.

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Sullivan fans met Calvin Vaughn at Summer Lake in Now That I’ve Found You (New York Sullivan #1) and Since I Fell For You (New York Sullivan #2). The Best Is Yet To Come tells you Calvin’s emotional and heartwarming story. “Best friends. High school sweethearts. Passionate lovers. Once upon a time, Sarah Bartow and Calvin Vaughn were everything to each other. Until big dreams—and an even bigger tragedy—tore them apart. Ten years after good-bye, they’re finally together again at Summer Lake in the Adirondacks and the sparks between them are hotter than ever. Calvin refuses to let the ambitions and disasters that separated them a decade ago wreck them this time. Not when he knows for sure that Sarah is his one—his only—true love.”

Wow, Bella Andre has surprised me again! I thought I would read another second love story, but that wasn’t the case. I love how she deepened the characters in The Best Is Yet To Come. You will learn about the hard life Calvin had lived and you get blown over how he walked his difficult path. His life is filled with love, pain and losses, and yet he only sees the best in every situation. He did not only survive, but he truly lived.

The life of Sarah is maybe not so hard or difficult at the first look of it, but Bella Andre takes you down the road. She lets me think about the struggles every person has in his life. What is love? When are you happy? What dreams are closest to your heart? In The Best Is Yet To Come you will learn that there isn’t an easy answer.

9 Stars9 / 10 The Best Is Yet To Come is the best start of a whole new world you can get! I love Bella Andre, she is such a gifted writer. The love for the Adirondack Mountains speaks to you through every word that is written. You are sitting by the lake, you can see the sparks on the water by day and the stars shining by night. You will want to knit your own special sweater. I became with every word I read a little bit more in love with Summer Lake, and with all the characters that took a spot into my heart. This spin-off serie is true addition to the Sullivan family.


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