Review: Baby It’s Cold Outside, Kait Nolan

Baby It's Cold Outside, Kait NolanTitle: Baby It’s Cold Outside
Author: Kait Nolan
Serie: Eden’s Ridge/Misfit Inn novella
Pages: 118
Published: January 26, 2018
Price: $2.99
Kobo Store:

Author Kait Nolan:
Kait Nolan is a romance author, mostly know for her Wishful Serie. She is a Mississippi native and has something for everyone, from short and sweet to Southern contemporary romance to action-packed paranormal. The heroines she writes typify the strengths of women. She also loves some alpha heroes, but she always seem to gravitate toward telling the women’s story. Kait is juggling a full time job in university level research, and two part time teaching positions that take advantage of her Master’s degree in clinical psychology. When not working or writing, Kait Nolan is hanging out in her kitchen cooking and wishing life were a Broadway musical.

Baby It’s Cold Outside bookdescription:
Ivy Blake is on a deadline. Actually, she’s past the deadline and desperate to find some peace, quiet, and inspiration to get her book back on track. She doesn’t plan on a Tennessee blizzard or the bear that causes her to crash. Harrison Wilkes needs to rest, recharge, and stay the hell away from people, while he makes some major life decisions. He doesn’t plan to be executing a snowbound rescue. When Winter Stormageddon traps Ivy and Harrison together, suddenly his one-man cabin feels more cramped than cozy. As more than the fireplace heats things up, Harrison’s starting to think the interruption to his solitude might be worth it. Will the grumpy lumberjack prove to be inspiration or distraction?

My opinion:
Baby It’s Cold Outside is the perfect book to read when it’s winterwonderland. I drove along with Ivy in the car, singing the songs, seeing the snowflakes falling and startled when the car went off road. But luckily for us, Harrison was there to rescue us. I think Kait Nolan wrote her secret writing fantasy.
My only suggestion for Kait Nolan is that the next book may have more pages. Because in a blink of an eye Baby It’s Cold Outside is finished. The story is well written and complete, but I just wanted to read more and more. I wanted to get to know the main characters better and deeper. But it’s the best book of Kait Nolan I have read so far, and can’t wait to read the next one!

Rating Baby It’s Cold Outside:

9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10) Baby It’s Cold Outside is the perfect book to read when it’s winterwonderland. It’s well written, beautiful, heartwarming and at the end, I just wanted to read more. Till the next one Kait Nolan, I can’t wait!


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