Review: Wild in Love, Bella Andre

Wild in Love, Bella AndreTitle: Wild in Love
Author: Bella Andre
Serie: The Maverick Billionaires #5
Pages: 255
Published: April 25, 2018
Price: $5.99
Kobo Store:

Author Bella Andre:
Bella Andre is a graduate of Stanford University, economy and worked as a marketing director. Maybe you didn’t know, but she had a lot of success as a rockstar! After a few non-fiction books she started with her first novel and she published her second novel herself. From that moment on she dominates the Amazon bestseller lists! Bella also writes as Lucy Kevin. Bella Andre is married and has two children. She likes reading, hiking, swimming and most of all laughing. Bella lives in Northern California and has vacation home in the Adirondacks.

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Wild in Love This bookdescription:
Daniel Spencer is proud of the billion-dollar business he’s built, but there are few things he enjoys more than creating something with his bare hands. Until Tasha Summerfield literally falls into his arms.
After learning that her family has lied to her for pretty much her entire life, Tasha flees San Francisco for the mountains. As she tries to bury her heartache by hammering her dilapidated cabin back together, the last thing she expects is to fall for a sexy billionaire.
Tasha believes Daniel deserves a woman from a perfect, loving, tight-knit family like his. But when it turns out that Daniel’s family isn’t picture perfect after all, will the truth set them both free? Or will it destroy any chance they ever had?

My opinion:
Wild in Love is a sweet sweet sweet story that will swipe you off your feet. You feel the love in every written word. And that is exactly what Bella Andre does best. She writes the most beautiful heartwarming love story’s and Wild in Love is nothing less.
I really like the part were all the Maverick brothers came together, worked, laughed and talked. All the characters are so well written, that you know which one is who, without reading their names. They bond they share is so strong, they will vouched for each other at any moment, at any point in their lives. If the other one will like what they say or not, they will be each others safety net.

Rating Wild in Love:

Wild in Love by Bella Andre isn’t the last Maverick Billionaires book and I’m so glad to hear that! I can’t get enough of these marvelous handsome men meeting the most fantastic women. Wild in Love is a sweet love story that will show that nobody is perfect, but love can certainly be. 


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