Review: Anything For Love, Melissa Foster

Anything For Love, Melissa FosterTitle: Anything For Love
Author: Melissa Foster
Serie:  The Bradens and Montgomerys
(Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls) #2
Pages: 318
Published: june, 2018
Price: $4.99
Amazon link:

Author Melissa Foster:
Melissa Foster is a bestselling author, her Love in the Bloom serie is enormous popular. She has fans all over the world. After many rejections she decided to self-publish and see what readers really thought. It was the best move of her life, her books about the Braden family are a hugh success. That is why when she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa Foster lives in Maryland with her family.

Anything For Love description:
After Charlotte Sterling loses her last family member, she moves to Sterling House, her family’s Colorado mountain inn. As an erotic romance writer, her days and nights are filled with passion and intrigue-even if only fictional. She loves her busy, quiet lifestyle, and she learned early on that real men can’t live up to the fictional heroes she creates. Until ruggedly handsome Beau Braden arrives to do some work at the inn. Beau lost his first love years ago, and he’s never let go of his guilt over her death. Escaping the painful memories of his past to work at the defunct old inn is just the promise of solitude he needs to clear his head before diving in to the all-too-public career. Neither Charlotte nor Beau is looking for an attachment or a fling. But the more they learn about each other, the closer they become. They’ve never fully healed on their own, but together maybe anything is possible.

My opinion:
In Anything For Love there is just one option possible. You will fall in love with Charlotte. She is crazy, totally bananas. She is hot, erotic writer hot. She is oh so sweet and careful. Believes in fairy tales. And she does that in such a way that you have no choice to believe too. (Maybe that’s why everyone is saying she sounds like Melissa Foster herself.)
I can’t wait to see the Inn coming to live. Melissa Foster describes the place in such a vivid way. I was walking through the doors. Collecting eggs. And I surely felt in love. With Beau and Charlotte. With the Inn. With the Braden family. With Anything For Love.

Rating Anything For Love:

8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)  Even if you try. There will be only one outcome. You will fall in love with Anything For Love by Melissa Foster. It is an amazing story. You will dream. Live in a fairy tale. And have a happy ending. What possible do you want more?


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