Review: The Barefoot Wedding, Lucy Kevin (Bella Andre)

The Barefoot Wedding Lucy Kevin Bella Andre Married in MalibuTitle: The Barefoot Wedding
Author: Lucy Kevin (Bella Andre)
Serie: Married in Malibu #3
Pages: 102
Published: September, 2018
Price: $3.99
Kobo Store:

Author Lucy Kevin:
The Barefoot Wedding is the third book in the Married in Malibu series. It’s a spin-off of Lucy Kevin’s “Four Weddings and a Fiasco” series. Lucy Kevin is the pen-name of Bella Andre (who writes about The Sullivans, click here for all the updates!). Lucy Kevin books are fun, flirty and romantic―without the steamy scenes. Bella Andre is married and has two children. She likes reading, hiking, swimming and most of all laughing. Bella lives in Northern California and has a vacation home in the Adirondacks.

The Barefoot Wedding book description:
As the head of security for Married in Malibu, Travis Houston is absolutely certain that no one will ever get into one of their celebrity beachfront weddings without an invitation, especially the paparazzi. But though he’s a master of keeping his clients safe, he can’t say the same for keeping his own heart safe. Especially when Amy Woodford shows up from out of the blue and completely takes his breath away. Three years ago, Amy went halfway across the country to try to escape heartbreak. But when her best friend’s wedding brings her to Married in Malibu, she’s suddenly face to face with the man she once loved with all her heart.

Best quote The Barefoot Wedding:

When it turns out the truth is that loving someone, truly loving them with everything inside you, means getting over your own fears so that you can give them every piece of your heart. Even when it’s hard, even when it’s scary. Especially then.

My opinion:
It isn’t the typical second change love story you are used to. It’s more a story about the willing to love and overcome your own barriers. Love isn’t judgmental, you are only doing to yourself. Will I ever be enough? The Barefoot Wedding gives the answer, yes you are enough, just the way you are!
I loved to read about the friendship between Amy and Maya. What a special thing she did for her friend! And I am in love with the Malibu wedding venue and the Married in Malibu series. What a beautiful and heartwarming place is that! Luckily for us there will be much more weddings to come.

Rating The Barefoot Wedding:

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)  The Barefoot Wedding by Lucy Kelvin (Bella Andre) finds place at the beautiful Malibu Wedding venue. You can’t imagine a more perfect place for weddings, and for love. The story of Travis and Amy is exactly about that and I loved it! 


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