Review: Lovers at Heart Reimagined, Melissa Foster

Lovers at Heart Reimagined, Melissa FosterTitle: Lovers at Heart Reimagined
Author: Melissa Foster
Serie:  The Bradens #1
Pages: 282
Published: october, 2018
Price: $4.99
Amazon link:

Author Melissa Foster:
Melissa Foster is a bestselling author, her Love in the Bloom serie is enormous popular. She has fans all over the world. After many rejections she decided to self-publish and see what readers really thought. It was the best move of her life, her books about the Braden family are a huge success. That is why when she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa Foster lives in Maryland with her family.

Note from Melissa Foster:
Treat Braden and Max Armstrong’s love story is the beginning of my beloved Braden series and introduces you to some of my favorite characters. If you are already a fan of the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection, you may have read Treat and Max’s original story, Lovers at Heart. For the past several years, I have had the nagging feeling that there was more to their story than I had originally thought. I wanted to give Treat and Max a more mature story without losing the essence of who they are. This is Treat and Max’s story, reimagined, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Lovers at Heart Reimagined book description:
When Maxine “Max” Armstrong walked into resort owner Treat Braden’s life, he saw right through the efficient and capable facade she wore like a shield, to the sweet, sensual woman who lay beneath. She sparked an unfamiliar desire in him for more than a one-night stand. But one mistake caused her to turn away, and now, after six weeks of longing for the one woman he cannot have, he’s going home to try to forget her altogether. Max Armstrong has a successful career, a comfortable lifestyle, and she’s never needed a man to help her find her way—until Treat Braden caught her attention at a wedding in Nassau. After spending one magnificent evening together, something happens that is too reminiscent of the painful past she’d spent years trying to forget. When a chance encounter turns into a night of intense passion and honesty, Treat will do everything within his power to win Max’s heart forever—and Max is forced to face her hurtful past head on for the man she cannot help but love.

Best quote Lovers at Heart Reimagined:

“Everyone had something to overcome. We all have broken pieces, and we have choices to make. We can either tiptoe around those pieces forever and let them guide our happiness, or if we’re lucky, we can find someone who has a broom, a dustpan, and a bottle of glue, and try to make it work.”

My opinion:
If any Fosterette asks me which story I like the best, there is only one answer possible. Because I don’t simply like Lovers at Heart, I love it. Really truly love it! I adore Treat and Max. So you can maybe understand my excitement when I heard of Lovers at Heart Reimagined! And it was even better to read. It was all that I hoped for. And this is the story that had to be told. I’m so glad that I was able to have this chance. Thank you Melissa.
Treat is the most amazing man you can imagine, he is so honest and true. I love how direct he is and loving at the same time. Max is such a strong woman, standing on her car, eating chocolate cake or while facing her own demons. Together they sparkle and gives you hope of the happy ending, of endless love and fate all together. Lovers at Heart Reimagined warmed my heart completely.

Rating Lovers at Heart Reimagined:

8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)  Lovers at Heart Reimagined by Melissa Foster is the best way to start your wonderful journey with the Braden family. The family that will flow your life with hope and love. Treat and Max are still my favorite couple and I’m thrilled that their story is reimagined! 


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