Review: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, Bella Andre

can't take my eyes off of you, bella andre spin-off summer lakeCan’t Take My Eyes Off Of You is the second book in the New York Sullivans spin-off series Summer Lake. We met Christie in Now That I’ve Found You, Since I Fell For You and The Best Is Yet To Come. Now it’s time for Christie’s happily-ever-after with the very sexy Liam Kane. I couldn’t wait to get started!

Bella Andre is a graduate of Stanford University, economy and worked as a marketing director. Maybe you didn’t know, but she had a lot of success as a rockstar! After a few non-fiction books she started with her first novel and she published her second novel herself. From that moment on she dominates the Amazon bestseller lists! Bella also writes as Lucy Kevin. Bella Andre is married and has two children. She likes reading, hiking, swimming and most of all laughing. Bella lives in Northern California and has vacation home in the Adirondacks.

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You starts with the wedding of Calvin and Sarah. “Christie Hayden escaped to Summer Lake to heal from heartbreak, but found so much more than that: a job she loves as an innkeeper, a close-knit community of friends, and a chance at the perfect romantic future she’s always longed for. But nothing is as it seems. The first time Liam Kane lays eyes on Christie, he’s a total goner. He knows he should keep his distance, because he’s not capable of giving her the happily-ever-after she’s looking for. Liam has been keeping a secret for twenty years, one that nearly destroyed him—one that has the potential to tear his whole family apart too. When Christie can’t stop herself from trying to help out of pure love, will Liam be able to let himself heal? Or will they both end up broken, leaving her to pick up the pieces all over again?”

Bella Andre wrote a totally different kind of story in Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You and showed us how talented she is. She took the subjects be yourself, cheating, marriage to a whole other level and let me think about the meaning of those words. Because she showed us that in the end they are all about love. Without love nether of those feelings would exist, and without love you can’t get them solved or have peace with it. Even with cheating, at some point you have to forgive so you can move on.

I loved reading Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, the pages flew through my fingers. Especially with the first hundred pages. I was in desperate need to read on and find out what happened. The sparks between.. and were heavy, the tension between all the characters was almost impossible to handle and all the different kind of story lines were keeping my attention.

8.5 Stars8.5 / 10  The only word I can come up with and describes my feelings for this story is wow! Wow! What a great and totally different story is Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. I understand now why Bella Andre created this new serie. This second Summer Lake book is a true addition to the Sullivan family, one you don’t want to miss out on! And I can’t wait to read all the other stories of Summer Lake, the bar is set sky high!