Romance booksI’ve a confession to make.. I like to read. No, I love to read. Everywhere and any time you can find me with a book. They are not any kind of books, I just love ROMANCE!
I love to read about the greatest families like the Sullivans or the Bradens. I enjoy their love for each other, the jokes they make, the knit-bond they have, the strong personality’s and of course their beautiful love story’s.

Contemporary Romance

I live in the Netherlands and I discovered the first novel of Bella Andre as a vip reader for a Dutch site. From that moment on I’m the biggest fan as you can imagine! When I discovered there were a whole bunch of books to read, I couldn’t believe my luck. Since then I’m in this amazing world of contemporary romance novels. And now I’m addicted to the books and I follow the writers closely.

Why Romance books

These books aren’t all about the sexy scenes, they are just a pretty bonus, they tell us a story. Over the past years these romance novels learned me so much. You’re good as you are, you’re lovely and fierce, you deserve to be loved. Just believe in yourself and you can do anything you want. Listen closely to your heart, you have all the wisdom inside you. Cherish friendship. Love your family as they are, with all the good and the bad. Laugh, laugh as much as you can do. And love.

Family trees and so much more

If you want the latest news updates, release dates, reviews, of course the family trees and funny facts, this is where you’ve to be. You can click on the writer to see the latest updates. My favorite writers are Bella Andre, Melissa Foster and Jennifer Probst.

I hope you enjoy it and love it just as much as I do.